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Give wings to your career

Find your next dream job with Faruse

A new way to discover and land your next job in Europe


Do you need Help?

JOb Search - Get 'Hand-Picked' offers for your profile

Resume Writing Service - Transform Your CV that works

Linkedin Optimisation

Cover Letter Writing Service

Job Applications - Our team applies for jobs or Internships on your behalf that gets you interviews (Upto 50 Jobs)

Mock Interviews & Personalised Feedback


Salary Negotiation

Personal Resume Website

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hand-Picked Jobs/internships do I get?

It totally depends on the field you are targeting and companies hiring at that point of time. Moreover, the countries you are open to relocating. On an average we share about 80-100 English speaking jobs or internships a week.

How many times do I get my CV revised?

We usually create 4 variations of your CV which are created and proof-read by recruiters. Ultimately narrow it down to the best performing one. We do not offer unlimited revisions.

Do I need to provide my Linkedin Credentials for Optimisation?

Absolutely not. We will provide you with a bunch of edits and power words you should use depending upon the industry and profile.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds because of the nature of the service. If you have any questions before the purchase do not hesitate to reach out to us

Can you apply for internships or jobs on my behalf?

Yes, our team is trained to get the best out of internship application process to get you a call for the interview. We sometimes do need your assistance for specific questions asked in the process.

Do I need my own domain and hosting for the resume website?

It depends on you. It can be created on our domain and optimised for the best SEO performance. You can also add blogs and write ups. Considering the technicalities, it is handled completely by our team and you have fixed number of design revisions. On the contrary, we can create on your domain as well where you will have total control of your website.

Do any of these services guarantee an internship or job?

We set you up for ultimate success to land you the right interviews in respected companies. Following the appropriate techniques you increase your chances of beating the competition. That being said, it equally depends on how you fair in the interviews as well. Consider us as a catalyst in your internship or job search journey which has worked for many job seekers like you.

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